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Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch | 245

Here is what the GameZilla crew covered this week.


1. PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility

2. Nintendo Online Reveals Subscription Numbers

3. Respawn Announces and Launches Apex Legends

4. Microsoft Xbox Live on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch

Zilla Update Topics

Showing today’s kids what gaming was like when we were young.

Wargroove worth the wait!

Grim’s first train trip turns into a League of Legends study session and leads to improved gameplay.

All this and more on episode 245 of the GameZilla podcast.

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Video Game Budgets are too High - GameZilla Podcast ep208

Video game budgets are seriously getting out of control. This week we go over how many copies of a AAA title must be sold in order to break even as a gaming producer. We also cover Rocket League news and a leak from Bethesda. 

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