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Cross Platform Showdown - GameZilla Podcast ep220

Sony is back on the hot seat over cross platform play, and the GameZilla crew has a sneaking suspicion why Sony will not budge on this issue. Bethesda is leading the fight for crossplay, and they've also started a new fight against small private sellers. Twitch sensation "Ninja" adds why he thinks Sony will not budge on crossplay; he also talks about his decision not to stream with women. All this and more on episode 220 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Fortnite Trapped Sony - GameZilla Podcast ep212

This week on GameZilla we start with some very generic Nintendo Online news and transition that into a giant debate about what Sony needs to do in order to fix this Fortnite epidemic that is currently going on. We talk a bit about the future of VR and weather or not we are okay with DLC or if we would like our video games complete on day one. We finish the show up with Video gaming finally being recognized as a mental disorder and what has happened in the week of eSports.

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