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Playstation, The Best Place to Play? - GameZilla Podcast 223

This week Sony gives us another reason as to why they will not allow cross platform play. Bioware takes a swing at Bungie for the way they tell the story of Destiny. We get excited for the way in which Bioware plans to tell the story of Anthem. Then the Olympic committee seem to be squashing the hopes of eSports becoming and Olympic sport. So we come up with our own eSports games. All of this and more on episode 223 of the GameZilla Podcast.

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Video Gaming is a Sport - GameZilla Podcast ep221

This week we talk about the upcoming indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. Grimlock expresses his disappointment in Sony celebrating 3 million VR units sold, while JazzE compares it to a toaster oven. Then we prove with cold hard facts that Video Gaming is a sport and should be played at the Olympics. All of this and much much more on the GameZilla Podcast ep221.

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