Special GameZilla Roadshow | GZP 266

This week on the GameZilla Podcast Grim and Deadite are on the road traveling back from a bachelor party. They are joined by Ecto and Sci Fi AJ to discuss this weeks gaming news and a few fun stories from the weekend.

  1. EA CEO And Other Execs Gave Up Their Cash Bonuses

  2. Deadite has a special game to announce

  3. Square Enix explains why it changed Tifa’s breasts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

All this and more on episode 266 of the GameZilla podcast.

* This recording was done inside a moving vehicle, sound quality and control over ambient noise was a challenge. We will return to the studio next Monday, but we wanted to still give you a show this week. We hope you enjoy this episode and please continue to give us feedback about the show via Discord or email.